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Flood risk assessments are a requirement for developments proposed within an area at risk of flooding or within a low-risk flood zone where risks from other sources are identified, such as surface water run-off.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that a site specific Flood Risk Assessment must be undertaken if:
  • In flood zone 2 or 3 including minor development and change of use
  • More than 1 hectare (ha) in flood zone 1
  • Less than 1 ha in flood zone 1, including a change of use in development type to a more vulnerable class (for example from commercial to residential), where they could be affected by sources of flooding other than rivers and the sea (for example surface water drains, reservoirs)
  • In an area within flood zone 1 which has critical drainage problems as notified by the Environment Agency

Artisan Environmental can undertake a site-specific flood risk assessment of your site and provide a detailed flood risk report including any potential mitigation works.

Our assessments aim to improve the likelihood of obtaining planning permission and will typically include:

  • The current flood risks posed to the site
  • The impact on the local environment from your development
  • Flood risk mitigation methods as part of the development
  • Options available for surface water drainage (SUDs) management on your site.


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