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The Artisan Environmental team has extensive experience conducting thorough environmental assessments for our clients. With our knowledge and expertise, we can provide all the data and information required prior to the development, re-development or acquisition of a site, leaving no stone unturned and no nasty surprises.

A Desk Study is a pragmatic preliminary risk assessment of the study area based upon the collation and appraisal of published data from multiple sources relating to the site’s geological, environmental and historical setting.

Our Phase 1 Desk Studies include:

  • Executive Summary: summarising the report findings.
  • Site Details and Overview: Site Location, Site Extent, Current Site Use, Proposed Site Use, Summary and Findings of the Site Walkover, Details of the Surrounding Environs.
  • Historical Appraisal: an evaluation of historic uses and structures on the site and in the surrounding environs from historic maps and plans.
  • Geological Appraisal: Artificial / Made Ground, Superficial Deposits, Bedrock Geology, Natural Hazards, Radon, Mining History, etc.
  • Environmental Appraisal: Hydrogeology and Hydrology, Flood Risk, Pollution History, Land Fill Sites, Potential Contamination Sources, Unexploded Ordnance Risk, etc.
  • Conceptual Ground Model: A preliminary risk assessment of potential ground related hazards and any potential contamination sources, their pathways and receptors that may pose a potential risk to human health, controlled waters, vegetation, structures and services.
  • Conclusions / Recommendations: Conclusions and recommendations if required but not limited to Contamination Analysis, Ground Water or Ground Gas Monitoring, etc.

All Phase 1 Desk Studies include a site reconnaissance visit by one of our engineers to inspect the site and record any information such as current site use, ground cover, potential contamination sources to supplement the information sources within the Desk Study.

Benefits of a Phase 1 Desk Study

The benefits of undertaking a Phase 1 Desk Study prior to commencement of an intrusive site investigation or site acquisition include:

  • Discharge of planning conditions;
  • Bespoke to the study area;
  • Mitigate / Minimise risk;
  • Quantify / qualify risks;
  • Accurate financial planning;
  • Reduce onsite delays;
  • The development of a conceptual ground model;
  • Provide early insight into previously unknown site characteristics;
  • Risk assessment enables the appropriate, efficient and cost-effective planning of subsequent site investigations;
  • Provides an analysis of potential contaminants and anticipated areas of contamination, enabling a targeted intrusive site investigation;
  • The identification of potential Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental and Health and Safety issues that could impact the project or site investigation;
  • Cost-effective design of foundations / geotechnical structures.

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