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We offer Phase 2 Geo-environmental investigations to inform and support investors and developers undertaking projects throughout the south of England. Our team of in-house experts are highly experienced in local authority planning requirements and have the expertise to accurately assess potential hazards of a site.

A Phase 2 Geo-environmental Site Investigation may be required for many reasons including:

  • Confirmation of Phase 1 Desk Study findings: In many cases following a Phase 1 Desk Study (Preliminary Risk Assessment) an intrusive investigation is undertaken to confirm the findings of the study.
  • Discharge of Planning Conditions: The Local Authority Planning Department may have placed planning conditions on the site relating to the impact of the site in the future users of the site and local environment.
  • Property sale or acquisition Due Diligence: It is recommended when buying a site or property that due diligence satisfies the parties involved the site poses no risk from contamination.

What is a Phase 2 Geo-environmental Site Investigation?

A Phase 2 site investigation is the intrusive phase of a geo-environmental investigation to identify any potential contamination on site. The intrusive investigation methodology is generally informed by a Phase 1 desk study (preliminary risk assessment) of the site, which may have identified any potential contamination.  

Typically, the investigation involves either drilling boreholes or excavation trial pits throughout the site to enable the logging and sampling of the soils present on site, with a selection sent for laboratory analysis. Where necessary, the monitoring of groundwater and ground gasses can be undertaken in addition to soil sampling. We are able to tailor the investigation using a number of methods to suit your requirements, the ground conditions and access requirements.

Once the results from the laboratory testing and the groundwater and ground gas monitoring have been received, they are compared to assessment criteria and a risk assessment is undertaken to ascertain if any site remediation is required.

An interpretive report is written in line with industry standards providing clear conclusions and recommendations in relation to the site and the requirement further investigation or site remediation. You will be able to submit the report to the Local Authority Planning Department or relevant parties involved in the site development or purchase.

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We will discuss your requirements and offer a solution to suit.

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