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Contamination Remediation

When a Phase 2 Geo-Environmental site investigation has identified contamination present on site and remediation is required, Artisan Environmental can review the contamination assessment of your site and provide options for a suitable and cost-effective remediation strategy appropriate for the proposed end use of your site.


A suitable remediation strategy may include the physical removal of contamination combined with the use of a traditional clean capping or cover system. Alternately, technologies such as chemical, biological, thermal and solidification/stabilisation can be employed to remediate both contaminated soils or groundwater.

We provide a carefully considered and methodical approach to provide a tailored remedial solution ensuring any contamination issues present on site are appropriately remediated in a cost efficient and timely manner. Our remediation reports can be submitted to your Local Authority for planning condition discharge and also provided to remediation specialist subcontractors to tender for the works required.

Remediation Validation

Following a suitable remediation of a contaminated site, we can provide validation services to access the remedial works undertaken and confirm the suitability for the proposed end usage of the site.


A typical validation process includes, a site visit by one of our engineers to collect soil or water samples for laboratory testing, measurements and photographs. Once the results of the chemical testing have been received, we will access them against suitable assessment criteria for the proposed end use.

A validation report will be provided detailing the validation methods and results with conclusions and recommendations for further remediation or confirmation that the site remediation has been appropriately completed and is appropriate for the proposed end usage. You will be able to submit the report to the Local Authority Planning Department for planning condition discharge, and to relevant parties involved in the site development or purchase.

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We will discuss your requirements and offer a solution to suit.

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