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Many developments which include works such as ground levelling or foundation excavation produce a quantity of soil to be removed off site for disposal. Unless the soils to be removed from the site are natural and uncontaminated, they are considered as waste material and as such require the appropriate classification. The correct classification of waste materials is an extremely important step in the waste management of any site to ensure appropriate and legal disposal.

Artisan Environmental provide a waste classification service to sample and schedule chemical analysis of the soils to provide the waste classification required. The appropriate classification will reduce the impact on landfill, the environment, human health, and can significantly reduce the cost of disposal.

The first stage of our waste classification service is to sample the soils to undertake chemical analysis, characterisation and classification of the materials present on a site as defined within the Environment Agency’s “Guidance on the Classification and Assessment of Waste (1st Edition 2015), Technical Guidance WM3.” This provides a classification of either, Non-Hazardous Waste or Hazardous waste.

Once the waste has been chemically characterised, a WAC test is undertaken in accordance with BS EN 12457-2. The results of the WAC test in conjunction with the chemical analysis and characterisation will confirm the category of landfill that may legally accept the waste. E.g. Inert Landfill, Non-Hazardous Landfill or Hazardous Landfill.

A waste classification report will be provided detailing the sampling, analysis methods used and results of the classification. You will be able to submit the report to the Waste Carrier or Landfill Operator to satisfy their waste material permit conditions.

Appropriate waste classification on site will enable you to segregate any waste to be removed further reducing disposal costs ensuring the best economy and value.

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