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RAAC Crisis Continues as Schools Struggle to Secure Building Surveys

reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete

Schools, colleges, and educational settings continue to feel the pressure as the RAAC crisis continues to unfold.

After Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan enforced the closure or part closure of more than 100 schools within England in August, many school custodians have been left with the task of sourcing surveyors who can provide guidance and building surveys at short notice, as pressure from concerned parents and staff grows.

Further news is emerging to confirm that commercial buildings such as office blocks, warehouses, and hospitals have also been constructed using RAAC, therefore increasing the need for specialist surveying services.

What next?
Quite simply, let us help. RAAC is no surprise to us. We have been talking about this subject across our website and social channels since May, raising awareness and directing our clients on how to approach this matter.

How can Artisan help:
We understand your concerns for the safety of everyone on your site and have therefore made the decision to offer educational settings a complimentary appraisal of your
building's Asbestos Register and Management Plan.
This service will help you understand your duties under the RAAC guidance.

How do I book a complimentary appraisal?
Please email and a member of our Customer Care team will contact you within 24 working hours or complete our contact form.

Which areas do you cover?
Earlier this year we expanded our services from the South Coast and opened our second office in Derbyshire, therefore ensuring our unique brand of Asbestos, Building, and RAAC Management is available throughout the UK.

Where to get more information on RAAC:
Click here for details of our Stage 1 and 2 RAAC Surveys.

Contact a member of our team to make your enquiry and book your survey via our Contact Us page.



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