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An Asbestos Register and Management Plan is required by law under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 for all commercial properties, including the communal areas of residential apartment buildings, built before the year 2000.

An Asbestos Management Survey is undertaken to locate the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) and includes a risk assessment and asbestos register which forms the basis of the Asbestos Management Plan for the building or site. The surveys are non-intrusive and designed to identify reasonably accessible ACMs within or to the exterior fabric of the building and assess their condition. As no damage is caused to surfaces and fabric, the survey can be carried out on an occupied building or prior to purchase.

The purpose of the Asbestos Management Survey is to:

  • Ensure that nobody is harmed by the presence of the ACMs on the premises
  • That any identified asbestos remains in a good condition and is safe to manage in place
  • That any asbestos is not likely to be disturbed or damaged
  • Provide advice on ACMs that require removal or remedial works to make safe

Our Asbestos Management Surveys provide clear and concise reports containing:

  • Building review and survey summary

  • Asbestos register

  • Material risk assessment

  • Sample analysis details

  • Colour photographs of all samples

  • Recommendations and advice for all ACMs identified

  • Annotated floor plans

  • Digital copy in pdf format both by email and available on online customer portal

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