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This auditing service is tailored directly to the licensed asbestos removal industry and can be tailored to augment any existing in-house operative quality system.

Licensed asbestos removal site and operative competency Auditing

The requirement for information, instruction and training in all aspects of asbestos work is established in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, with refresher training typically delivered annually in the form of a 1-day refresher. This somewhat generic approach to training can lead to bad habits forming throughout the year and may fail to highlight specific gaps in knowledge personal to an individual operative.

For this purpose, Artisan Environmental have developed a site audit specifically designed to evaluate the general understanding and competency of an asbestos removal operative, and individually target where further task specific training may be beneficial. This approach is designed to provide continued targeted, bite sized refresher training to operatives throughout the year, ensuring the operatives knowledge and understanding of procedures remains constantly high and in line with company policy and best working practice.

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