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We were asked to conduct a refurbishment asbestos survey to a particularly sensitive military site in Hampshire in 2019.

The refurbishment planned was to specified areas within a larger facility and the proposed scope of works was very specific.  We were needed to check everywhere within the building which could possibly be disturbed during the refurbishment work for asbestos containing materials.  The site itself presented unique challenges alongside the usual difficulties - no means of external communication were allowed within the buildings, certain areas were inaccessible, must be fully escorted at all times whilst working etc.

The work involved the full refurbishment of certain areas.  After working out exactly what we needed to do, we relayed our plans to the client who requested a few changed be made in terms of security.  Changed were made to our plan which fully satisfied the clients wishes in terms of security and covered the full scope of the proposed works.  

After conducting the survey and making the area safe, the client was walked through the area and was informed of exactly what we had and had not done.  Upon receiving confirmation that we had covered all areas on site, we proceeded with the report.  We have since completed further work with this client including re-inspection, management, and refurbishment asbestos surveys.

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