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How Important Is It To Have Access To Emergency Asbestos Removal Services?

If you are the person legally responsible for the management of a building, you’ll understand that there are many different aspects of health and safety that concern you on a daily basis. For most people asbestos is known somewhere in the back of their minds, but it doesn’t appear at the forefront, and it is something that could possibly appear in the future.

Sometimes however, asbestos or asbestos-containing materials can become exposed during everyday routines, or during renovation of buildings, and it is important that you act fast. Asbestos is an extremely dangerous material, and it only takes one second to breathe in asbestos fibres and you could suffer from asbestosis or mesothelioma decades down the line.

What is an Emergency Asbestos Removal Service?

If asbestos is found in your building it can have a disastrous impact on the structural integrity of the building. It was often used in construction for lagging on pipes, insulation, and for other purposes, and once found it has to be completely removed or sealed up and repaired in order to prevent asbestos fibres from being disturbed and inhaled.

An emergency asbestos removal service is therefore a necessary service in those instances where you were not expecting to find asbestos in your building. This could be during maintenance or repair work, or as you are undertaking a refurbishment or renovation project on your property. If you are unsure as to whether asbestos is present prior to any work being conducted on a building, you should hire an asbestos testing service, such as that provided by Artisan, to perform strict tests and to see whether asbestos needs to be removed before any work begins.

This is also the case if you are in the process of selling a commercial or domestic building, and you think there might be asbestos present. It is much better for this to be taken care of now, than for it to appear in surveys and place the entire sale in jeopardy further down the line.

How to Find Emergency Asbestos Removal Services

At Artisan Surveyors we understand the importance of having access to specialist asbestos surveyors and removal services. If there is a situation where asbestos is thought to be present in a building and potentially cause problems to those living and working in it, it is important to be as fast and secure as possible.

Our team has a wealth of experience in handling asbestos surveys and asbestos testing, and wherever necessary we can come into a building and secure an area for asbestos testing. In these cases, we will look at where asbestos is exposed, and at certain types of asbestos-containing materials, and decide whether to seal them off, repair them, or conduct a safe and thorough asbestos removal service. It is vital that people are safe from asbestos exposure, as the primary concern of the decision made on site.

If you would like to understand more about our emergency asbestos removal service, please feel free to contact us today on 02380 982 598

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