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Planning Advice for Property Developers

Whilst there has been a recent relaxation of planning laws designed to speed up the process for developers, there is still a multitude of considerations to deal with around planning. There can be tight controls in conservation areas for example. The character and history of the location can be such that local authorities have deemed it an area that must be preserved. This can mean even the smallest alterations can come under the protection of planning laws. For the developer they need to be aware of constraints in local areas of special interest.

Opportunity for investment

It’s not just planning laws, developers also need to have knowledge of building regulations. Whilst planning deals with how the local area develops and evolves, building regulations are concerned with the construction, design as well as health safety aspects in terms of people in and around the building. With the changes to use and permissions, it's never been easier for developers to buy up disused buildings and convert them into housing providing prime opportunities. Equally it’s hoped the changes will enable rejuvenation of the high street which was already struggling prior to the covid 19 pandemic.

What makes a good property developer?

There was a period in the 1990s where pretty much anyone with some spare cash fancied themselves as a property developer. Shows like Property Ladder with its great floor plan graphics and top tips on increasing the value of your property were hugely popular. Coupled with incredible mortgage deals pre credit crunch, a lot of people tried their luck with property. But it’s not just about knocking down some walls and putting in a new kitchen. To be a decent property developer you need to have a keen knowledge of the local area, the market and be completely up to speed on planning and building regulations which is where Artisan comes in.                                                                                               

Planning for developing

At Artisan we offer a range of services to aid developers through some hurdles that you may come up against within the planning process. Our years of experience mean we understand the different aspects to planning conditions and building regulations, allowing us to support you in an efficient, fast and cost effective way. Here is a summary of the services we can help you with;

Asbestos management surveys

Includes a risk assessment and asbestos register which forms the basis of the Asbestos    Management Plan.

Asbestos sample analysis

For single samples or complete survey analysis Asbestos Sample Analysis for single samples or Phase

Phase 1 Desk study

A pragmatic preliminary risk assessment and collation of data on the study area

Phase 2 site investigation

 The Discharge of Planning Conditions may require a phase 2 geo-environmental site investigation.

Remediation and Validation

If the Phase 2 Geo-Environmental site investigation has identified contamination present on site, then remediation is required.

Environmental Noise Assessments

Required to safeguard noise levels of new developments and projects to limit the impact on the environment.

Flood Risk Assessment

Required for developments proposed within an area of flooding or low-risk flood zones.

Asbestos Awareness Training

Useful for all trades and professions likely to encounter sources of asbestos.


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