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Cladding Removal & Asbestos Refurbishment Survey

Since the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire, the asbestos industry has been tasked with identifying both new and refurbished buildings which used the Aluminium Composite cladding and backing insulation that are believed to be the reason for the rapid spread of the 2017 fire. It has been a trend in recent years to refurbish both Public and Private sector high rise blocks to over clad as both an environmental and aesthetic improvement, many of these refurbished buildings were constructed before 2000.

The HSE guidelines state that there should be no asbestos materials in buildings built after this, but this means that people have a responsibility to not only ensure the cladding is removed/replaced but also, they obtain an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey from a reputable source. Our R&D surveys are fully tailored to the proposed schedule of work, and as the cladding works will be external this means that the survey can be carried out in occupied buildings. This Asbestos Refurbishment Survey will ensure that the residents are safe and unharmed by any asbestos fibres, and that any identified asbestos is removed safely and correctly as part of the project.

There have been 970 blocks approved for funding in the UK, but sadly so far only 18 have been completed. If you would like to streamline the process of making your building safe then please either call us on 01329 800650 or email us on We are happy to answer any enquiries or talk you through or services we think would be valuable to your premises.


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